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Stationary sheds are made to be placed at open sport complexes to protect the audience from bad weather conditions.

The sheds are mounted both above pre-fabricated and stationary tribunes with the number of rows over 6.

The design of sheds is modern at European level.

  • Sheds are made according to the projects developed by an organization with a license.
  • The construction of shed of non-standard size according to a client’s order and individual projects both for the objects under projection, construction and re-construction stages is possible.
  • A type of shed is console one.
  • A coating of shed: cellular polycarbonate.
  • Sheds are made of metal specialized square tube with polymer coating, what guarantees high corrosive resistance.
  • A modularity of construction allows maximum cutting of mounting terms.
  • Unrestricted number of length modules.
  • Supervising installation is available.

Ready-to-operate installation.