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Stand with 400 mm level difference between rows

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 The stand is supposed to be installed at the sport facilities with bad angle of view.

 Number of rows: From 5up to 14 rows.

Fast-track stands have the same specifications as demountable stands:

  • The stands are manufactured in accordance with project designed by the licensed organization.
  • The stands are produced from metal shaped rectangular tubes with polymer coating, which ensures high corrosion resistance.
  • There is possibility to manufacture the stand with shed (canvas, polycarbonate).
  • Floor and stair flights boarding is made of metal checkered sheet (plywood with antislip coating is optional).
  • The availability of side and rear guards ensures the security of the spectators while getting on and out the stand.
  • The entry to the stand may be made from any side upon customer’s performance specification.
  • Contract supervision and ready-to-operate installations are possible.
  • Certificated