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Telescopic bleachers with motor-drive

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Telescopic bleacher is intended for the arrangement of the seats for the spectators at different sports buildings. It is possible to use the space of the room more efficiently with the help of telescopic bleachers. 

While carrying out the sports competitions the movable telescopic bleachers are pulled forward, letting creating comfortable conditions for the spectators and if there is no need in them, the bleachers are drawn back, releasing the area for the training or for sports grounds of larger sizes.

Telescopic function (both forward and back) is acted with inbuilt motordrive equipped with control system.

Control system provides operations with remote control unit, on/off of preventive and alarm light and sound signaling, synchronizing of bleachers modules’ movement, smooth motor starting and stopping at all settings with fixed rotation speed, overpower protection, protection from short circuit and isolation fails including people’s protection from electric shock.

Stands are available with additional option such as wireless remote control. 

Telescopic bleacher is manufactured with wide range of seats:

Number of rows: from 3 up to 10 rows

Additional advantages of the telescopic bleachers:

  • The bleachers are manufactured from metal shaped rectangular tube with polymer coating, which ensures high corrosion resistance
  • Any color of metal construction is available upon customer’s request
  • Modularity of the construction allows reducing time of the installation maximally
  • Unlimited number of modules lengthwise
  • Floor and stair flights boardings are made of plywood with antislip coating (application of carpet and linoleum is an optional)
  • The availability of side and rear guards ensures the security of the spectators while getting on and out the bleacher
  • The manufacturing of bleachers of non-standard size according to the task of the customer is possible
  • Contract supervision and ready-to-operate installations are possible
  • Certificated