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Summer Universiade 2013 - 27 World Summer Universiade in Kazan

From July 6th to 17th, 2013 city of Kazan hold 27th Summer Universiade – second largest international sports event after the Olympic Games. First summer university games were in Paris on May, 1923. In 1928 first winter competitions were held. Nowadays summer and winter Universiades are held every two years.

«Avangard» company has equipped 19 venues of Universiade in Kazan with its products:

  • Tennis Academy

  • Tennis Academy. Outdoor courts

  • Aquatics Palace

  • Gymnastics Centre

  • «Tulpar» Stadium

  • Boxing Centre

  • Rowing Centre

  • «Vatan» Sports Complex

  • «Kazan» Equestrian Complex. Riding hall

  • «Sviyaga» Shooting Complex

  • «Tulpar» Sports Complex

  • «Forward» Sports Complex

  • «Zilant» Multifunctional Sports Complex

  • «Olymp» Stadium

  • «Bustan» Sports Complex

  • «Olympiets» Sports Complex

  • «Moskva» Sports Complex

  • «Tezuche» Sports Complex

  • «Burevestnik» swimming pool (training hall)