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“Kometa” Table Tennis Centre, St. Petersburg

European Table Tennis Super Cup, 2009

European Table Tennis Super Cup was held in St. Petersburg on the 1-2 of December, 2009. Tournament match for one of the most prestigious cups was held for the third time in Russia. Kazan was the first city to host the tournament of that kind in 2007. The second one was carried out in Moscow-area town Vidnoe in 2008. This time the battle for European Super Cup was held in the largest in Northwest region of Russia specialized “Kometa” Table Tennis Centre.

Organizers of Super Cup-2009 series among the best sportsmen from Europe were The Table Tennis Association of Russia, Physical Culture and Sports Committee of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Table Tennis Association.

European Table Tennis Super Cup in St. Petersburg, which has become a traditional in Russia, brought a win to a silver medalist in a team classification of the Olympic Games 2009. Timo Boll from Germany won a trophy prize for the third time outplaying a fellow countryman, but of Ukrainian descent, Dmitry Ovcharov.

1 place – Timo Boll, Germany
2 place – Dmitry Ovcharov, Germany
3 place – Vladimir Samsonov, Belarus
4 place – Kalinikos Kreanga, Greece