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Elaboration of Special Detail Project in accordance with the Technical enquiry by Customer including plotting such Parts as Architect and Construction Division, Metal Structures and Metal Structures Details. Also – manufacturing and supervising of installation.

  1. 6-rows metallic demountable stand with chairs “Avangard” for 510 spectators with up-lift +0,200.
  2. 7-rows metallic fast-track stand with chairs “Avangard” for 224 spectators with up-lift +1,500.
  3. 13-rows metallic fast-track stand with chairs “Avangard” for 1443 spectators with up-lift +1,500.
  4. 5-rows metallic demountable stand with tip-up chairs “Spartac” for 40 spectators with VIP sector with up-lift +0,200.
  5. Profiled flooring supported roof over VIP sector.
  6. Metallic fixed-site stairs for VIP sector.