About the company

“Avangard” company is one of leaders in the field of building, engineering and renovation of sports facilities in Russia.

Nowadays “Avangard” company is a own research and development department, modern production base with well-developed infrastructure and imported equipment, lots of standard design solutions for stadiums, ice arenas, tennis courts, horse-race tracks and sports and recreation centers.

Our own production base and modern technologies usage allow us to guarantee high quality of our products.


Each production stage – from engineering and design and up to installation at the site – is provided with strict Quality Control. That is the reason why the customer gets modern, comfortable and safe equipment.

All products are certified and meet international standards.

Service and maintenance

“Avangard” company provides high level of service and maintenance for customers. All products supplies with detailed and clear User’s Manual for installation and operation. Our technicians are ready to fully install products at the site or supervise installation. Also we can provide delivery of the products almost anywhere in Russia and abroad, if needed.

Research and development

Our own research and development department allows us not only to fit standard products for any customer’s requirements, but also create new products upon unique customer’s requests.

All engineering solutions are under strict control for reliability and conformity to SNiPs (Construction Norms and Regulations) and GOSTs (All-Russia State Standards).

“Avangard” company is one of the biggest manufacturers of sports equipment in Russia. We produce equipment for stadiums, offer various solutions for ice arenas, tennis courts, horse-race tracks and sports and recreation centers. We manufacture seats and chairs for sports facilities as well as stands and bleachers (doing a construction works at the site). Therefore we supply completely ready-to-use products, i.e. our own plastic seats and chairs at our own stands and bleachers.